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"My Favorite Things" - remade by Julie Andrews, now 69 for AARP benefit

Julie Andrews turned 69 and to commemorate her 69th birthday on October 1, actress/vocalist Julie Andrews made a special appearance at Manhattan 's Radio City Music Hall for the benefit of the AARP. One of the musical numbers she performed was "My Favorite Things" from the legendary movie "The Sound Of Music."

Here are the actual lyrics she used:

Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting,
Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings,
Bundles of magazines tied up in string,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Cadillacs and cataracts, and hearing aids and glasses,
Polident and Fixodent and false teeth in glasses,
Pacemakers, golf carts and porches with swings,
These are a few of my favorite things..
When the pipes leak, When the bones creak,
When the knees go bad,
I simply remember my favorite things,
And then I don't feel so bad.
Hot tea and crumpets and corn pads for bunions,
No spicy hot food or food cooked with onions,
Bathrobes and heating pads and hot meals they bring,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Back pains, confused brains, and no need for sinnin',
Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinnin',
And we won't mention our short, shrunken frames,
When we remember our favorite things.
When the joints ache, When the hips break,
When the eyes grow dim,
Then I remember the great life I've had,
And then I don't feel so bad.

Ms. Andrews received a standing ovation from the crowd that lasted over four
minutes and repeated encores. Please share Ms. Andrews' clever wit and
humour with others who would appreciate it.*

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thou too Brutus?? - Sandip K. Dasverma

In the famous and immortal play Julious ceaser of Willium Shakespere’s Julius Ceaser on the verge of his assassination finds his long time trusted friend and political accomplice Brutus among the asassains and calls out “Thou too Brutus?”.

Today’s news about Tata company’s involvement in breaking law with impunity in Odisa’s premier daily, The Samaj gives me that surprise and shock. Ratan Tata’s Tata is obviously no longer the TATAs of Jamshedji TATA, nationalist, ethical, progressive and driven by a missionary zeal rather than profits. But that may be too much to expect from a MNC (Multi-National Corporation) that today’s TATA is.

Below are the statistics from Samaja link above that I quote for your information and individual conclusions. My conclusion shockingly is, TATA is no different anymore. It is one of the vultures out there for Odisa’s resources, like Vedanta or POSCO or Jindal or Bhusan or Birla. Except the other players never had a claim to being ethical or having any public purpose or on a mission.

My scepticism about allowing a special port to POSCO in a SEZ is reinforced. Do you think they will only raise 400 millions and export? Some one got to be kidding and taking us for a ride. Imagine at the present price it is worth $40 billions or 2 lakh crores plus/minus.(Rs. 5000/Tonne)

Let me give you the data what this article in The Samaj, which made me so distraught:

1. Iron Ore Raising beyond permit worth 1272 crores:
Financial Year---Permit:(Tonnes)---Raised:(Tonnes)
1999 - 2000 ----- 1680000 -------- 2122265
2000-2001 -------- do ------------- 2709402
2001-2002 -------- do ------------- 2909979
2002-2003 -------- do ------------- 3497025
2003-2004 -------- do ------------- 3457284
2004- 2005 -------- do------------- 4097336

2. Chromite Raising beyond limit worth Rs. 481 crores:
Financial Year---- Permit:(Tonnes)----Raised:(Tonnes)
2004- 2005 -------- 650000------------- 1098455
2005-2006 -------- 700000------------- 992820

Why it happened and how it happened are obviously to be investigated and responsibility fixed and concerned persons properly punished. As our Chief Minister says: "law should take it’s own course". Remorsefully, this has all happened in the decade that Navin babu has been at the helm. Now that everything and everyone is on the dock, he needs to set up fast courts and honest officers to punish this robbery of Orissa’s resources, the Oriya term “Hari loot” will be more appropriate. Corrective actions are the need of the hour and we wait and see if law takes it’s own course and how long does it take?
The time is the essence.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TED India Mysore lectures - Selected Speeches 2 : Collected by Sandip K. Dasverma

1. TED India Mysore 2009 Lectures by Pranav Mistry on sixth sense at :
2. TED Lecture by Hans Rosling:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TED - Selected Speeches: Collected by Sandip K. Dasverma

TED Speeches
1. Nandan Nilkeni’s speech On India's future:
2. Juan Enriquez on DNA reading
3. Innovation by Charles Leadbeater
4. Howard Rheingold on Collaboration
5. Robert Fischell –on his acceptance of TED award – medical inventing :
6. Case for optimism – Larry Brilliant:
7. How to stop pandemics – Larry Brilliant:
8. Inventing Twitter - Evan Williams :
9. Rebuilding Rwanda - Bill Clinton :
10. Tales of Passion - Isabel Allende :
11. Dean Kamen previews a new prosthetic arm:
12. Mosquitos, Malaria & Education – Bill Gates :
13. Educating Leaders for Africa- Patrick Awuah:
14. Rebuilding broken States – Ashraf Ghani:
15. Tribal Leadership by David Logan:
16. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on doing business in Africa
17. Devdutt Patnaik - on Business of mythology:
18. Tim Brown urges designers to think big:
19. Robin Chase on Zipcar and her next venture:
20. One Laptop per child -Nicholas Negroponte:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tribute to Senator Kennedy - Sandip K. Dasverma

Good bye Senator Kennedy.
Loss of TED Kennedy at this inopportune time tells us to redouble our effort to make his dream - "universal Health care for all" - possible as a tribute to him. Let the 60 member filibuster proof majority in Senate and the more than required democratic majority in congress prevail. Let us name the Health Care bill after him as Ted Kennedy law of Universal Health Care. Let it be bipartisan if possible and Democratic if necessary - fulfilling his daring dream and solacing his soul.

This is the biggest loss to America and it's working people, nay world, at the worst time to make this world a better place to live. Hope and wish this makes us rise up to the challenge and make his DREAM of Universal Health Care, come TRUE.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sainath's articles on Migrant Workers(MW) of Berhampore

1. More migrations, new destinations.
2. Put your money down, boys
3. Home, not so sweet home

Data Extracts:
Total Migrant Workers from Berhampore district: 500,000
Migrants to Surat from Berhampore: 400,000
Estimated total migrant workers from Orissa: 600,000
New destination: Kerala
Numbers returned from Surat due recession: 50, 000
Number of months worked: 9 out of 12, 3 they live at home.
Total money sent home(estimated)500 crore/year
Private money transfer at rate Rs. 30/1000
Emergency money transfer, (next day): Rs. 40/1000

Sunday, August 16, 2009

In the name of religion: by Sandip Kumar Dasverma

In the name of religion – Lessons learned from Kandhamal, Orissa

This month on 15th August, 2009, we will commemorate the 62nd year of the carnage which engulfed the subcontinent in the name of religion. It also is the anniversary of it’s latest version in Kandhamal district of Orissa. Violence in the name of religion refuses to stop, and perpetrators seem to be organizing more and more.
The land of Orissa, known for it’s syncretism & Jagannath culture, witnessed a spate of communal violence last August, which was more than it witnessed in 1947. After 62 years the perpetrators and the victims have changed, but the motives and background remain the same.
On 23rd August, 2008, in Kandhamal district of Orissa, 200 KM (or 120 Miles) from Bhubaneswar, the state capital, Hindu mobs attacked Christians. They burned their homes, shops, churches and orphanages. More than 30,000 Christians, were forced to take shelter in refugee camps, where the living conditions were extremely poor. Or in the surrounding jungles, where they were in danger of being attacked by wild animals. About 4,500 Christian homes were burned and 180 churches destroyed. At least 60 Christians were killed, per the Orissa government report. Church leaders from Orissa report higher figures and accuse the government of intentionally undercounting, the dead.
However a quick follow up by the Government, 10,000 people were named in 827 cases registered during the August riots. Charge sheet has already been filed in 437 cases and investigation was on in other 354 cases, including the famous nun’s rape.

Though the 1st conviction of one person came on July 2nd, 2009 and 2nd of five persons on July 29, 2009, before the anniversary, the first case of 16 acquittals has started. As is common in such cases, the refrain of the court is “for lack of evidence”. That will be my point of discussion today. We know from common knowledge and past experience, these are samples of law not taking it’s own course but travesty of justice due various reasons, from poor investigation due influence, to witness turning hostile due fear and to witness buying.
In Kandhamal incidents the perpetrators were from a very small but influential group, the Sangh Parivar of Hindu community. And victims the hapless converted Scheduled caste Christians. It was alleged that members of the Christian community had killed Mahant Laxmanand Saraswati of Viswa Hindu Parishad (the pseudo religious wing of BJP). Though Maoists had claimed it to be their action.
Late Laxmananda himself was no saint either, well known for his fundamentalist Hindu philosophy and activities and for actively propagating hate against Christians. For example Late Mahant was also prime perpetrator of another riot against Christian community in the December 2007, in the same area. He lead violence against the local Christians from the front then.
No murder should be condoned. And so should not be the murder of Late Laxmanand. Similarly life and property should be protected by the Government of the day. Thus administration in the state failed, both to prevent Laxmanand murder and riots that followed, as it was manipulated from within, a la Gujarat by BJP. The BJP, then a partner of the State Government, (which was a BJD / BJP coalition), strategized to succeed in upcoming 2009 elections by spreading hate against Christians. The Kandhamal actions of the Hindu Hate brigade was completely criminal. That it back fired and did not win them the election is another story. It was a tactical failure of the Sangh Parivar. It was also a cultural misreading of the Orissan mind and syncretic culture by the BJP, mastermind and stretegists.
Just as in 1947-48 , in India, when Muslims lost their lives at the hands of Hindus because of their religion and reaction to Hindus killed by Muslims for the same reason in Pakistan, here too some communal elements targeted the Christian community, in retaliation. Such shameful behavior, which in 1947 created wounds so deep that they have yet to heal, are still common in India. This continues, despite recent civil society initiatives, to befriend Pakistan in India and vice-versa. The 11/26 Mumbai massacre was a desperate act by those who did not want peace in the subcontinent. This becomes clear when one remembers that the foreign minister of Pakistan was on that day in New Delhi to sign a SAARC accord between India and Pakistan for an easier VISA regime, This would have made travel in subcontinent easier across international borders, such that, many families separated by the partition, could easily visit relatives across the national divide after 6 decades. The opponents of the thaw, to be more blunt, the hawks, were successful to thwart the progress and forced deferring of the easy visa regime.
A number of commentators blame the current levels of intolerance (between Muslims and Christians or Hindus) on the Hinduization policies which worked in Gujrat for Narendra Modi. No doubt Narendra Modi created bigger night mares of 2002. But the sentiments of the Kandhamal riots do not simply have their roots in questionable actions by Modi. Even though Hindu - Muslim-and the recent Hindu - Christian riots invariably involve the issue of conversion (clever attempt by the Indian religious right, namely Sangh Parivar and their allies like Shiv Sena), the central reason for the carnage which ensues again and again, is not the conversion law or other irritants but a general belief that the state is soft on violence in the name of religion. The perpetrators believe they can get away with murder.
This is because very few people, if any, were charged in either India or Pakistan for the 1947-48 massacres. And even miniscule fewer punished. Nor have the perpetrators of all riots since then brought to justice. Most instigators of such violence also roam free and benefit politically. The general tone after attacks and riots are for forgiving and forgetting. Similar are the pressure on Christians of Kandhmal, which has been of ‘forgiving and forgetting’.
When the last major attack on Christians took place in August 2008 to December 2008 in Kandhamal district of Orissa, the tone of all the following interfaith meetings were very conciliatory and to an extent encouraging. However, at every meeting we heard “next time, we will not do this”. Kindly remember that thousands of houses, churches and orphanages had been torched by mobs in Kandhamal. After learning that I always wondered, what would these people do the next time there was such an allegation or tension like the last one come up or instigated? Will next time Parvin Tagoda be allowed to recreate a mini-Toyota jatra( of L. K. Advani) to inflame public passion and conflagrate hundreds of villages, when he gets another dead body like that of Mahant Laxmanananda Saraswati? If they will not torch their houses, will they just shoot them? Also, why is there always a mention of a ‘next time’? Why should there ever be a ‘next time’?
Giving compensation to the victims will never solve the problem since there is always the threat of a ‘next time’. The worst was that it was based on an allegation and not substantiated facts. The sense of loss, the fear of another attack and the trust lost can perhaps never be reclaimed. As long as the perpetrators are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and serious measures taken by the government to ensure a rapid and decisive response to such events, these incidents will continue to happen. Suspending a police officer here and a civil officer there, is only a piecemeal initiative. Prosecution for inciting and perpetrating violence, murder, civil unrest and terrorism are measures which will exhibit the seriousness of the government in tackling this menace.
The total wipe out of BJP in Orissa, due tactical mistakes is no doubt a respite for the people but in my opinion the Phoenix will again arise, when they have a cadre based party. One should not forget rise of BJP from 2 seats in parliament in 1984 to forming Govt in 1999.
In addition to the allegation of some inhuman or unpopular acts against the targeted comunity, the other thing common to these attacks is that they have been very well planned. No unruly mob consists of 10 thousand to 20,000 people armed with everything from sticks to modern weapons as in Kandhamal for days. No unruly mob goes and buys sulphuric acid in the nearest big city and then plans an attack such as the one that took place in many places. No unruly mob can successfully torch dozens of houses and then escape so easily as in various places in Kandhamal.
It is clear that last year’s attacks have been clearly planned, by extremists whose reading of Hindu religion is markedly different from that of the average Hindu. The failure of the local administration, which failed to prevent the loss of life and property, is inexcusable.
Whatever the specific motives behind a particular attack, it is clear that intolerance still thrives in India, be it against another religion or another language group(read Hindi speaking Bihari) as in Mumbai. And there are no penalty for rioting and riot instigators like Raj Thakaray and his uncle. So an attitude of impunity from law develops. This attitude is the larger problem, and partly explains why adherents of a faith(Hinduism) that espouses tolerance (all religions are path to the same God – Ramkrishna Paramhansa) would torch the homes of those outside their religion or even their own(Mumbai) when inciting people is necessary for political gain.
Sixty-two years ago Pakistan was created because M. A. Jinnah, convinced the Muslims of the subcontinent that India’s majority Hindu community would not allow them to live in peace with full honor and dignity.
Sixty-two years later, it is the Hindu community of India (read ilk of BHP) that is proving that, it is guilty as charged. Hindus do not allow adherents of other religions to live peacefully and with dignity, in their midst. The solace is the majority of the Hindu community has shown in the recent elections, that they don’t contribute to this intolerant version of Hinduism. But in my opinion, as long as the law does not take it’s own course, as long as crime is not punished, as long as punishment of those guilty of hate crimes, is undermined/ sabotaged by the politicos and police, it will not put communal genie back in the bottle. Pravin Tagodia’s will continue to incite it, without penalty.
The fast court, the speedy justice within a year seemed to proceed in the right direction for Kandhamal. But the acquittal of 16 people, involved in rioting is significant and scary, because it brings to mind manipulation and subvertion from within.
The culture of impunity from consequences of crime must end here and now, if recurrence of riots in future is to be prevented. Let the civil society of Orissa take a vow to fight this culture of impunity and banish it for ever.
If not: the goons and riffraff will continue to be encouraged by the vested interests “in the name of the religion”, and will continue to have immunity from law.

Significance of August 15 by Sandip K. Dasverma

Significance of August 15 :
India became Independent on, Aug 15, 1947, starting an avalanche of colonial independences in Asia and Africa, which ended colonialism. This day we are celebrating Indian independence.
15th of August, is also a national holiday in many countries around the world, but all of them celebrate some thing different except Republic of Korea, which gained independence on 15th Aug 1948.
Major events that this day is also commemorated for, are:

1. Italy commemorates August 15, as one of the most important Catholic holidays, because Catholics believe it's the day Virgin Mary was transported directly to Heaven to be with her son, Jesus.
2. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 15 August 1769, and France celebrates the day as national holiday, still in his honor.
3. Fifty four years ago, on August 15, 1945 several Asian countries won their freedom when Japan surrendered on this day, which ended the World War II. Although the formal surrender came later on September 2, 1945, Asian freedom fighters in Korea, Indo-China and Indonesia were freed and won their independence on August 15, 1945 from the clutches of the Japanese Imperialism.

The Indian Independence Day, Aug 15, 1947 had a lot of meaning for us when we were children and a lot of significance was attached to it. It had something to do with our Country being pulled off the cage. From what I see, the youth these days are not sentimental or reverential about it, perhaps because they have not seen or known about the struggles to free our Country from the foreign yoke.
India’s 1st Prime Minister, Nehru’s speech on 15th August 1947, is a classic and I will briefly quote from the same:
“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we will redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance .... We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again."

It indeed ended a period which culminated from sacrifices of many. Gandhians were of course well recognized, but there were many others too, who both preceded and succeeded Mahatma Gandhi & his followers. From Dada Bhai Naroji to the anarchists of Bengal. From Madam Cama to Surya Sen of Chitagong Armory raid fame. From Lala Lajpat Rai to Bal Gangadhar Tilak. From Khudiram Bose to veer Savarkar to Rash Behari Bose and INA heros. The Gaddar Party to the Hindustan Republican Party, The Anushilan Party & Jugantar group to Chadrasekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh. Ramprasad Bismil and Ashfaqulla Khan and Laxman Nayak,just to name only a few.

I always revere highly Ashfaqulla because of his secular spirit, which permeated the patriots of his age and time. His repartee when a police interrogator told him not to insist on independence of India because British rule will be replaced by Hindu rule, is legendary. He said and I quote: "Khan Sahib, I am quite sure that Hindu India will be much better than British India, because it will be ruled by an Indian.” For his arrogance and straight talk, he was sent to gallows. The burning question is whether we are living up to these hopes, ideals and dreams, which lead to supreme sacrifices.

The list of patriots goes on and on and on. They included nationalists and patriots from all regions, religions, language groups, casts and all strata of the society.
The theme song of movie Sahid Bhagat Singh, a poem written by famous revolutionary poet Ramprasad Bismil, depicts their spirit and what they promised to their mother land:
“Aye watan aye watan
Hum ko teri kasam
Teri raahon mein jaan tak luta jayenge
Phool kya cheez hai tere kadmon mein hum
Bhent apne saron ki chadha jayenge.

Koi Punjab se koi Maharashtra se
Koi UP se to koi Bengal se
Teri pooja ki thaali mein laaye hai hum
Phool har rang ke aaj har daal se – ---

What happened to that spirit? What happened to that dedication among the youth? The pre-birth resolve and the post birth euphoria of the young Indian nation? Today India is 62 years old as a nation. It’s energy is sapped by a bunch of greedy Swiss bank a/c holder billionaires, and corrupt politicians. But India is young compared to our adopted nation, The USA, which is 233 years old. Yet due to constant renewal, it is vibrant and innovative. Recently it elected it’s first black president. India on the other hand is still in the quagmire of riots and inequality, injustice and lack of opportunity.
Yes, out of 1200 million, 600 million Indians are on the go, but, yes there is a big but. They are leaving behind the other 600 million, who I call Bharat, as is. As the otherwise successful, Bajpayee Government learnt to it’s dismay in 2004, this can’t happen and will not happen. Because that is not in sync with our national ethos. India has to carry Bharat, as it advances to the 21st century. As Universities proliferate, primary and secondary education has to be taken care of, for them to succeed. India can’t be half world class and half middle age. The economic progress has to be inclusive and based on social justice, because the ones we live behind are our brothers and sisters.
We in the Diaspora have a big responsibility, to help make it happen. Every thing starts small and our local IATC(India Association of Tricities, USA) is now in young capable hands. I request them to start to think and act in this direction. We can associate with organizations like: Asha for Education or Pratham. Let us move forward and use all that we have learnt in our adopted country to our birth country, to bring progress and harmony.
(A speech delivered at IATC celebration of Indian Independence Day, Richland, WA, USA on August 15, 2009 )
1. Asfaqulla Khan:
2. Ramprasad Bismil
3. Chandrasekhar Azad
4. Saheed Bhagat Singh
5. Rashbehari Bose
6. Laxman Nayak

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

15 Medical Colleges in Orissa - A list

Medical Colleges in Orissa: By Govt of Orissa(GOO), Govt of India or undertaking(GOI) & Private entities.
Summery of Status:
Out of a total of 15 proposed so far 8 are already located in and around BBSR and two more are being proposed there. That leaves 5 that are out side that area. Two of them are already established since the early 60s at Berhampore and Burla(Sambalpur). Leaving 3 only that are being proposed outside BBSR area. One each in Koraput, Talcher and Balasore. I am proposing that those two be moved out to the uncovered areas of the state. That locates more than 50% of all medical colleges of the state in BBSR area. This includes the Medical college that will be part of Vedanta University, which will be in nearby Puri-Konark road(A direct road will make it less than 50 KM of BBSR.

State & central Governments have taken serious steps to establish Government medical college in Bhubaneswar and other parts of the state, for example
1. State Government Medical Colleges(GOO) in ODisha are(4)
• SCB Medical College Cuttack
• Capital (Hospital) Medical College Bhubaneswar
• VSS Medical College Sambalpur
• MKCG Medical College Berhampur

2. Medical College proposed by Central Government(GOI) Ministries in ODisha are(7):
• AIIMS like institute in Bhubaneswar
• Medical College would also be established under proposed National (world class) University at Bhubaneswar
• ESI Medical College (GOI) proposed to move to BBSR.
• Railway Medical College,(GOI) proposed at BBSR
• Medical College under Central University of ODisha at Koraput
• Ministry of Coal has already proposed Medical College in Talcher by MCI
• State Government is also working on a proposal to establish a Medical College in Balasore by Defence Department

3. Private Medical Colleges in ODisha(4):
• KIMS Bhubaneswar
• Hi-Tech Medical College Bhubaneswar
• Sum & IMS medical College Bhubaneswar
• Vedanta University Medical College

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A letter to Asia Peace on Leftist and pseudo-secularists by SKD

Dear Omar Saab:
What you say is correct. It is the same section which admired Indira Gandhi, it is the same section which admires Narendra Modi. "advanced by the Indian leftists and pseudo-secularists", these words are usually used by Narendra Modi, Lal Advani and their elk. Originally, added to the lexicon by L. K. Advani, these words are found in the vocab of the Indian right wing, whose India shining slogan bit the dust 5 plus years back. I am surprised that Chat Saab espouses the same words, though I am not sure if he is coming from the same school of thought.

I for one give credit to the "Indian leftists and pseudo-secularists", for keeping India from following the neo-con economic policy of the USA's, into the current economic disaster. Indian economy did not follow the USA's , hook, sinker and bait, because left’s objection to removal of the checks and balances. Thus they were not removed as the Indian neo-con wanted. Other wise India's 600 million poor would have suffered as never before. And probably NREGA would never have happened. It is now being speculated that the beneficiaries helped congress over that top. In addition a second Harshad Mehta has not surfaced yet, thanks to the checks and balances left in place, due protest and resistance "advanced by the Indian leftists and pseudo-secularists", though Satyam scandal did surface.

As far as General Musharaf is concerned, he represents the what the big business favors, one point contact. It is no wonder that USA, till recently, has always supported dictators because business has found them more pliable. That is what Indian stock market is roaring about.

In addition when Musharaff came Nawaz Sharif had moved to extreme right, and almost fascist.(remember invading supreme court to evict the Chief Justice? He, so as to use the street power of the Mullah had supporting them openly, though PPP was no great socialists either. The weak civil society - now rejuvenated/reborn by the lawyer's movement (some say it came in to existence) will I hope and wish, destroy the vestiges fascist power that the ruling parties have in the subcontinent, soon.

In my opinion as the PMs have become weak (unlike Indira Gandhi tenure, for example), the institutions like Supreme Court, Election Commission, became strong. With them the civil society and democracy, has moved forward. No one has the absolute stranglehold on power, any more.

One major hurdle remain - the power of money - which was very clear during the last election and during No-confidence vote in Indian parliament last year. This is suspected to continue, due to the Congress Government coming back to power. Gandhi family is being suspected of having huge money in Swiss banks. Total Indian's deposits are estimated to be $1.5 trillion, held by some 35000 or so, Indians. I wish the Indian intelligentsia goes after the exposure of this huge money and bring the money power to control. Though BJP operatives are no saint in this respect, the primary culprits are the congress operatives, simply because they have remained in power the longest time in last 62 years. Lastly, this is a party where a large section where the great grand sons of the freedom fighters are now rising to power, thus scruples are low and connections are deep. More money in Swiss bank helps. I wish G-20 brings out every thing in to open and the parties are cleansed of the opportunists, in one big sweep.

A cleaned Indian politics, will surely help the world but till such time it will be impossible. Yes, Pakistan should trace Musharaf’s money, asap. Else he will come back through the backdoor, buying his way back.

Best wishes,

Letter to PM & Congress High Command on Cabinet Ministers from Orissa - by Sandip K. Dasverma

Dear Prime Minister and Congress High command:
Congratulations for 3 fold increase in Congress MPs from Orissa(from 2 to 6). Of course this, if you come with the philosophy of describing the cup, as half full. I am afraid, the very fact that BJD won again, should come as a food for your thought.

Let me reiterate the facts. Congress lost 15 out of 21 seats in Orissa because of poor candidate selection. I don't know if you are aware of Orissa history. Your congress president, Kamakhya N. Singdeo's father was a very hated figure, in pre-independent India, among congress men. One of the major movements of Orissa was against the rule of his father. A victim of that movement, 12 year old "Baji Rout" is a folklore in Orissa. Making him Indian National Congress President, over the hated 3 time CM "Janaki B. Pattanayak" was not an improvement but as such. Additionally, there was a lurking fear among the people of Orissa that, Janaki Pattnaik will come back in after the election to be the CM of Orissa, through the back door. No wonder when Shri Naveen Pattanayak made the amends to his long association with BJP, he romped home sweeping the election. But that is all past. Let us have our eyes fixed on future.

We need alternative leadership in this long neglected state. To make this happen we think and request you to wisely select MPs in to the Cabinet who can lead the state back to congress fold. But more importantly – this leadership can lead the development of Orissa's Western and southern districts, among the most backward in India.
Current lone minister from Orissa in National cabinet was Mr. C. S. Sahu. He could do nothing because he was both junior and in an inconsequential minister of State. And he lost the election because he could hardly deliver any significant leadership and bring much resources to the state.
Thus we recommend that you to induct in to Union Cabinet 2 Ministers and a state minister, from among the six elected MPs, so you will groom a team of current and future leaders.
1. Cabinet Rank:
1. Bhakta Charan Das, a dalit and past minister of state, to Cabinet Rank
2. Minister of State:
1. Sanjoy Bhoi, an young and dynamic leader to be a Deputy minister, to be groomed for future, to build party from below. He may be elevated to Minster of State based on performance later.
2. Alternatively, select Mr. Pradeep Kumar Majhi from Nabrangpur(only MP from South Orissa.)
3. Srikanta Jena, an ex-cabinet minister, and the only Coastal MP from Orissa, to an important Cabinet Rank, so he can help build the party from below.
The other three MPs have their qualifications too. Mr. Hemanand Biswal is an ex-Chief Minister and Mr. Pradhan is an ex minister of Orissa state. But we feel they can be used in the organizational positions for now.
Best wishes,
Sandip K. Dasverma

List of Congress MPs from Orissa
Orissa 1 Bargarh Sanjay Bhoi Indian National Congress
Orissa 2 Sundargarh Hemanand Biswal Indian National Congress
Orissa 3 Sambalpur Amarnath Pradhan Indian National Congress
Orissa 4 Balasore Srikant Kumar Jena Indian National Congress
Orissa 5 Kalahandi Bhakta Charan Das Indian National Congress
Orissa 6 Nabarangpur Pradeep Kumar Majhi Indian National Congress

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do Terrorists have human rights? - Sandip K. Dasverma

Justice Pasayat's recent public statement that "Terrorists have no human rights" - makes me cringe for cover. Our generation heard "Indira is India and India is Indira" statement of an Indira Gandhi stooge, Late D. K. Barua. I am reminded of that statement of this in 1975/76. It was a time when "Human rights” were suspended, including “habeous corpus rights". The result we know, already. There is a saying in Oriya which can be translated as: “A mother whose son was bitten by snake, is afraid of ropes.” No wonder, I am scared.

Even in America of 21st century news about misuse of position and kickbacks to judges,: is being unearthed. So if we give such power to judges in India, there is enough to fear. Because the checks and balances in the system are poorer, to say the least. It is so inefficient and under manned, that Indian court will take 466 years to clear its backlog, chief justice of India said recently, in a damning report.
One can't forget the killing of citizens by Narendra Modi's cops, senior police officers, who are now in jail on murder charges. They first killed innocent people, and then killed more innocent people to eliminate witnesses to their crimes.

The context thus is obviously more serious than the individual based politics of the 1970s. This is now in international media. Since globalization is the order of the day, should not we look for best practices else where?

Interestingly USA has just endured and passed through the Bush era (2000 to 2008), when Justice Pasayat's theory has been thoroughly tested. They failed miserably and measurably. This in borne by the fact that President Bush had the lowest public approval rating ever, since such rating have been recorded. Just last week I heard again President Obama state that evidences are now available that in the last 8 years, the rule of law and human rights have been, thoroughly violated. And public safety is not inversely but directly proportional to rule of law and human rights.

Justice Pasayat is our contemporary from a nearby locality of City of Cuttack, in India. Though I don't know him personally, he must have had the same experience growing up as me. He had a comparatively privileged background. But he too must have known the issues of our time.

Here is a quote from Voltaire (who with Russo fathered the French revolution and modern liberal thoughts). He states: "I totally disagree with what you say but I am ready to die for your right to make that statement". That was freedom of speech at it's best. As society advanced Universal Human Rights came as a more recent development. It was accepted by UN in 1948, as a result of much blood, sweat & tears. It was implemented in USA starting with President Carter, 20 years later. Can there be any exceptions? NO. Why not? Because, then how does the little guy David (an individual) fight the Goliath (the state)? During lots of research on many liberation movements - it has come out to light that lack of human rights actually fuels terrorism. Because Government of the day can give the dissidents a bad name and kill them. And without the necessary constitutional human rights requirements/protection, no one will ever know or be aware of such misuse of power. Interestingly the charges of gross human rights violations are against the most corrupt national governments of the world, which are famous for their social backwardness too. For example Myanmar, Iran & Afghanistan. Do we want to follow them? Heck NO!

I can't believe a supreme court justice of India, past it's Golden Jubilee year, said that publicly, without any caveat. It is so insane and inane.

Below is a scenario of what could be an outcome of such a policy, if it is taken seriously and implemented. What will happen is of far reaching, consequence.

Let us take a real example. We recently had a case where a RTI activist went to Indian Supreme Court and asked for declaration and publication of the assets of the Supreme Court Justices. This followed the recommendation by Chief Justice of India(CJI) for Justice Soumitra Sen of Kolkata high court of impeachment & dismissal. The Registrar of Supreme court instead of following the law, refused to provide the info, under the pretext that - the info is not in his office but in Supreme Court Chief Justice's(CJI) office. Now, there is no such office actually, so the activist went to challenge this charade, in the office of Chief Information Commissioner(CIC) of India. CIC opined that there is no difference between the two offices and so asked CJI to submit the info. And rightly so in my opinion. However, the CJI forwarded the case to Delhi High Court, which falls under it's own jurisdiction and asked them to decide the case. The prominent Citizen of India have protested and appealed to CJI to yield. The case is in the Delhi High Court. Let us assume that the CJI and PM are in collusion. (which is luckily and actually not the case.) GOI could arrest the person who submitted the RTI and rough him up. And if he does not still relent and stop pursuing the case, can book him falsely for possessions of illegal arms or liquor etc. And/or for dangerous liaison with the extremist groups, and keep him in jail indefinitely. No proof – nothing required, because Human Rights for terrorists, have been suspended by Justice Pasayat. Just Government's statement that he is a dangerous terrorist (an element undermining the democratic set up), would be enough. Because the judiciary and Government are in a collusion, this will be possible. Because as Justice Pasayat has stated - this man now has no human rights. What will happen to his children, friends and family? They would now come to the conclusion that since law does not take it's own course in the country, to get justice, they have to take the law in their own hands. Improbable now but possible when the advise of our erudite supreme court judge is followed by a pliant or a colluding Government. We have seen this happen frequently, before the separation of executive and Judicial branches. And the potency is toxic.

That is why I think Justice Pasayat, has probably been misquoted. Otherwise, he is like you and I are, unfit for the highest judicial honor, of being a supreme court judge of India.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Creating a Vaccine Free Orissa/World - It's pitfalls and illogic

The world population did not cross 1 billion till 1840s. It did not cross 2nd billion till 1930s, 3rd billion till 1960s, 4th billion till 1974, 5th billion till 1988 and 6th billion till 1998. Today it is closing in on 7 billion. (

The is result of undeniable contribution of science and technology and it's child, modern allopathic medicine. The advances of allopathic medicine in preventing premature deaths due various preventable diseases and epidemics, is visible and undeniable. Obviously nature's balance has been tilted in favor of human species, by advances in science and technology. It has resulted in large number of post octogenarian population & they are growing in leaps and bounds. No doubt there are bad effects of medicines and chemicals, which we don't fully understand yet. But to ask that we go back to old days forgoing modern medicines, is illogical. Are the proponents of this thought, asking us to go back to average life expectancy of 30 years? Such life expectancy prevailed before the vaccines came, drastically reducing child mortality. I hope not.

Many of us are past 60 years in age. In the middle of the last century people were considered to be of ripe old age, at that time. Very few lived longer. The population in India multiplied many-fold due three reasons in 1950s and 60s.

1. Prevention of epidemics: Cholera, Typhoid & Small pox to name a few.
2. Coming of age of antibiotics, curing most bacterial diseases.
3. Significant advances in modern surgery.

I am all for opinion and info exchange, as well as necessary debate. But scaring ignorant and illiterate people about modern medicines is both, immoral and abominable. So is charging them a hand and a foot, to treat them in a public hospitals.

Obviously science does not yet know lot of things and that is the challenge of today's science. What knowledge we have achieved so far, is only the beginning.
I remember reading "Brief History of Time" by Prof. Stephen Hawkins, where he quotes a Nobel winning Scientist of 1935. That scientist declared that Physics as we know it, has all been invented. That scientist obviously was proved wrong and it has advanced leaps and bounds, since then.

That men love to go back and live in the conditions & communities, they were born to, is well known. Interestingly, it will be and is being made possible, by the most modern of technologies, the Internet technology. There are two forces working here which both need to be nurtured:

1. Individualism, which results in individual's curiosity and will to work hard, to innovate thus to bring desirable changes & benefits to the community and to himself.
2. Collective organization of the society to make the results universally available for the whole of mankind. Governments provide incentives to such men to form corporations & to organize these collectives with profit motives, to make the goals achievable & possible.

The problem arises if there are no checks and balances. Then it goes haywire. Like a drug company recently raising the price of a drug by 60 times after introducing to the market to make quick cash, because they are in a monopoly situation.

I remember my father and our family priest telling me that potato and electric light were not allowed in Jagannath Temple at Puri. Electric light is now allowed in the Puri temple but don't know if potato is. Why? Because they did not know about potato/tomato previous to 18th century. Potato and Tomato were introduced to Europe in the 16 th century and thence to India, from the newly discovered Latin America. Earlier, they used to depend on roots called "Desi Alu", meaning, native potato. In fact for a long long time in Europe, Tomato was believed to be poisonous. Cherry tomato was used only for decoration. Then a German company "Bayer Inc.", found out that Tomato had high Vitamin C content, and propagated it's use.

Modern allopathy medicine is tested in the double blind methods by FDA, USA. There are some aberrations in this system. But junking science( vaccine) is irresponsible, considering that success of this system has resulted such major advances in human health and longevity, in last six decades.

My major complain against allopathic system is price manipulation by MNCs of life saving drugs, to earn super profits .

Let me depict a personal experience to illustrate how uninformed criticism is dished out. In the year 1997, I had a colonoscopy. Very soon after that club in Rock Island, Illinois, we used to frequent, invited a lady to give a talk on naturopathy. She made a statement that our intestine is like a drain which has not been cleaned for as long as our individual age. She won her point with everyone except me. I challenged her if she has seen her inside, her intestines large & small? She said NO. Then I asked her if she knew, what is colonoscopy? She answered in affirmative, though she said, she had never undergone it. She said, she knows what it does.
I told her that I have recently undergone and saw in a TV monitor what my inside looks like. After 50 plus years, it is in prime condition. That is because the mucous membranes are constantly being shed by the body. So it is more like a recently cleaned drain than a 50 year old unclean drain. Very spic and span.

She was very unhappy because her whole logic was based on that metaphor to explain naturopathy, which was demolished. But she was also giving out knowledge without being knowledgeable, thus needed to be challenged. And it did not pass critical thinking. When you get such info one has to be very rational, to check it out.

I am aware and am a critique of the aberrations of modern allopathic medicine, but the logic of Mr. Jagannath Chatterjee puts forward appears to me to be nothing more than a illogical and uncritical scare mongering.

We should develop ways to improve the vaccine to reduce the reactions, both qualitatively and quantitatively. We should also, in those rare cases where the unfortunate reactions happen, compensate them adequately. But to go back to the old days would be a disastrous surrender of many young lives. To go back to the old pre-vaccine days, is unthinkable. They were never better than today, if you go by the facts.

I am afraid this is not a debate but an illogical misinformation campaign, using failures of the natural system's bell curve, at it's tails.