Friday, March 07, 2008

MNS and Bhyas - a story of plotting to deprive Bhaiyas of Roti, Kapda aur Makan - Sandip K. Dasverma

MNS and it's dis-avawed parent, Shiv Sena are all parachoal fascist organizations. The issue is not if Bhaya's should move to Mumbai or not. The issue is to understand that a threatened Bhaiya can't raise his voice and demand "Roti, Kapda or Makan", i.e. a better standard of living and a better wage. And if it is happening to Bhaiya's today - it is going to happen to Bengalees, Oriyas, Assamese and 36 garhee and Jharkhandees tomorrow. It is creating a better bargaining position for the business tycoons of Mumbai at the cost of wage earners. This is same or similar to the wrath you sees in United States directed against Mexicans, Guatamalans and other latin or central Americans or Chinese.
Patriarch Bal Thakray, was an agent of S. K. Patil in 60s when there was a fight between him and V. K. Krishna Menon, both of whom central ministers. Menon, a radical socialist was winning election from Mumbai with aid of organized textile labor unions, repeatedly. And money bags that supported Patil (he was treasurer of Congress) felt threatened by the success of labor unions. To divide and rule, they brought in this issue of sons of soil and recruited Bal Thakray, a good speaker and small time journalist, as the union buster. The rest, as they say, is history.
Since then the mobilized goons remained the same except the targets changed, from time to time.
Late 50s - Labor Union activists(non-Maharastrians)
Early 60s - South Indians
Late 60s and early 70s- Gujratis
Late 70s to early 2000s - Muslims
2000s, since 2003 - Bhaiyas
In between it was interrupted by stints at Govt. of rabid Shiv Sena in collaboration with RSS and VJP, in 1990s immediately following Mumbai riots and Babri Masjid demolition. Later the followed infighting in the family, who inherits the crown or rather right to loots: Son who carries the direct linage or Nephew who has been competent organizer of the goon squads? Thus driven out of the Shiv Sena, MNS was created by Raj. Now MNS is trying to out show Shiv Sena, as to who is more vile in preaching linguistic regionalism. We have this force in Orissa also - remember NILA CHAKRA and Kalinga Sena, though may be in milder form, due the inclusive nature of Jagannath culture?

In my opinion, the perpetrators of hate crimes, should be in their proper place - inside the jail.
Reason they are out side is: "WE". Yes, because WE are complex. We complain when we are at the receiving end but become silent and acquiescing, when we are some how believe are on the winning side.

I invoke every one to take one look at the famous Rev. Niemoeller's realization, which appears in Amnesty International web site but also Wikipedia, to which is this link:

Hate crimes are old fascist methods of intimidating minorities and to find an easy and quick target, to divert working people's frustration and anger due exploitation. And Shiv Sena and it's new Avtar MNS are essentially trying an old trick.
Raj is a fascist and MNS a fascist party and has a fascist agenda. He is no friend of the Maratha poor and Marathi slum dwellers, he is just finding him an alibi so his goons can loot and steal.
Raj Thakray's tactics and attack on Bhyas is: Old NAZI wine in new MNS bottle.