Saturday, August 02, 2008

On money for cross-voting & India !!!

Dear Friends:
The needed proof is visible & self-evident, except to the selfishly blind.

This need to change: lock, stock and barrel, if India is to be a respected nation. Because no one respects a nation whose public leaders are simultaneously in misappropriation business.

I remember Tehelka case. The then NDA Govt went after the whistle blower rather than the culprit.

In a recent case, a supreme court chief justice was caught allowing his sons, to run business real estate business from his official residence, while he was presiding over the case of unauthorized shops in residential area. His sons were direct beneficiary of his decision to insist on zonal segregation. When it was brought out in the open, the poor investigative journalists had to apologize under threat of "contempt of court" & jail, ordered by chamcha justices of Delhi High Court.

JMM bribary case was a straight forward case. The culprits were destined for the Jail, till Supreme Court performed Legal jugglery. Thus culprets escaped scot-free because the supreme court twisted the case unduly favoring the culprits, (which included the Prime Minister, Narshimha Rao, an otherwise decent man), which halted the "Rule of Law" on it's track.

India has never recovered from that misuse of law, yet. Though conviction of Manu Sharma in Jessica Lal case, was a case where "Rule of Law", finally prevailed, it was an exception. And it was between two families, who were high up in the social ladder.

This needs to change, period.

I am no admirer of BJP and they are no angels. But such happenings are bad for everyone of the ordinary, people. But NDA or UPA, they seem to be stuffed with CROOKS.

Such shameful acts need to change, if India is ever to claim to be a world class democracy, and earn it's due place in the comity of the Nations.
Best wishes,

News - Orissa Govt allots old ORT bus stands to Reliance - News

Dear Friends:
A leader who is close to people will be overwhelmed by their influence
and approach - he will thus be unable to take such action.
Unfortunately it seems that our CM has no connections with the people. He has
connection with the super rich people of the India, like the Ambanis.

A pro-people Govt. will ask IDCO to build markets/shops like one built
in Cuttack Jail or any other successful model and lease them out.
Hundreds of unemployed youth will be benefited. A Govt not wanting to
go that far will auction off these land to the public, so it will get
the market price and mall developers will move in, to construct and
No there is no such thing. It is given to the richest of the land at
subsidized prices ,which are not made public.

Can we ask, why?

Who will ask?
The legitimate opposition, the Indian National Congress(INC), is out hunting for money and is silent.
They have to collect cash to keep their promises. 3 crores (2
crores outstanding) for abstaining or 25 crores for cross voting, we
hear. Their friends now say - Oh, well Indian democracy is in
developing stage, so such things happen.

We feel like yelling - REALLY?

But soon realize that the choice is between Twiddle Dum and Twiddle Dee. In
other words - WE HAVE NO CHOICE.

Does not it lead people taking law into their own hands?

Best wishes,