Tuesday, August 11, 2009

15 Medical Colleges in Orissa - A list

Medical Colleges in Orissa: By Govt of Orissa(GOO), Govt of India or undertaking(GOI) & Private entities.
Summery of Status:
Out of a total of 15 proposed so far 8 are already located in and around BBSR and two more are being proposed there. That leaves 5 that are out side that area. Two of them are already established since the early 60s at Berhampore and Burla(Sambalpur). Leaving 3 only that are being proposed outside BBSR area. One each in Koraput, Talcher and Balasore. I am proposing that those two be moved out to the uncovered areas of the state. That locates more than 50% of all medical colleges of the state in BBSR area. This includes the Medical college that will be part of Vedanta University, which will be in nearby Puri-Konark road(A direct road will make it less than 50 KM of BBSR.

State & central Governments have taken serious steps to establish Government medical college in Bhubaneswar and other parts of the state, for example
1. State Government Medical Colleges(GOO) in ODisha are(4)
• SCB Medical College Cuttack
• Capital (Hospital) Medical College Bhubaneswar
• VSS Medical College Sambalpur
• MKCG Medical College Berhampur

2. Medical College proposed by Central Government(GOI) Ministries in ODisha are(7):
• AIIMS like institute in Bhubaneswar
• Medical College would also be established under proposed National (world class) University at Bhubaneswar
• ESI Medical College (GOI) proposed to move to BBSR.
• Railway Medical College,(GOI) proposed at BBSR
• Medical College under Central University of ODisha at Koraput
• Ministry of Coal has already proposed Medical College in Talcher by MCI
• State Government is also working on a proposal to establish a Medical College in Balasore by Defence Department

3. Private Medical Colleges in ODisha(4):
• KIMS Bhubaneswar
• Hi-Tech Medical College Bhubaneswar
• Sum & IMS medical College Bhubaneswar
• Vedanta University Medical College