Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kudos to Dr. Younus from Sandip

Being sorry for the poor or having empathy for them is an old story. You had both but you took it beyond that to release their energy for their own good. Your action has saved them from double jeopardy.
1. The oppression of the usary of private lenders - an age old phenomenon - in all countries and all cultures.
2. Hard working and talented people remaining poor for want of capital, a catch 22 situation, Capital they could not get because they could not give security and/or pleade assests. And Assets they could not build before they got capital for their perfect business plans.
Your idea and you have intervened like God in their hopeless and hapless lives.
This empowerment will help most of the poor in the world in coming decades to ride out of poverty - I believe.
Thus I extend my heart felt regards and congratulations, as I enjoy the reflected glory as a co-South Asian.
Best wishes,