Friday, June 09, 2006

FFE is now a recognized name in Orissa

FFE or Foundation For Excellence, of Santa Clara is now a recognized name in Orissa. Since 1994, when FFE was started, FFE has helped 389 Students (Female-126, Male-263) from Orissa with 789 scholarships. So far 54 of its alums have graduated, in Engineering, Medical, and/or Veterinary Sciences.

It's activities in Orissa has increased in last five years significantly. Here are the statistics since 2001-02:

2001-02 - 38 students – $13,251

2002-03 - 68 students - $15,542.00

2003-04 - 165 students - $26,649.00

2004-05 - 196 students – $34,051.00

2005-06 - 223 students - $45, 436.00

Total scholarships awarded to date is worth: $145,681.00.(one hundred forty five thousand six hundred eighty one dollars)

FFE works through a system of Coordinators (who liaise with FFE, in USA) and Facilitator (spot / recommend scholars from Orissa). There are 25 coordinators and 70 facilitators, now.

Sri Purna Mohanty of Bay Area .has shown exemplary leadership to make FFE a success story, it is today. Two of FFE facilitators in Orissa have spent incredible amount of their time and money need special mention: Sri Subhas Chandra Choudhury of Cuttack/Vizag and Sri Manaswi Sahu of Sambalpur.

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