Saturday, May 23, 2009

A letter to Asia Peace on Leftist and pseudo-secularists by SKD

Dear Omar Saab:
What you say is correct. It is the same section which admired Indira Gandhi, it is the same section which admires Narendra Modi. "advanced by the Indian leftists and pseudo-secularists", these words are usually used by Narendra Modi, Lal Advani and their elk. Originally, added to the lexicon by L. K. Advani, these words are found in the vocab of the Indian right wing, whose India shining slogan bit the dust 5 plus years back. I am surprised that Chat Saab espouses the same words, though I am not sure if he is coming from the same school of thought.

I for one give credit to the "Indian leftists and pseudo-secularists", for keeping India from following the neo-con economic policy of the USA's, into the current economic disaster. Indian economy did not follow the USA's , hook, sinker and bait, because left’s objection to removal of the checks and balances. Thus they were not removed as the Indian neo-con wanted. Other wise India's 600 million poor would have suffered as never before. And probably NREGA would never have happened. It is now being speculated that the beneficiaries helped congress over that top. In addition a second Harshad Mehta has not surfaced yet, thanks to the checks and balances left in place, due protest and resistance "advanced by the Indian leftists and pseudo-secularists", though Satyam scandal did surface.

As far as General Musharaf is concerned, he represents the what the big business favors, one point contact. It is no wonder that USA, till recently, has always supported dictators because business has found them more pliable. That is what Indian stock market is roaring about.

In addition when Musharaff came Nawaz Sharif had moved to extreme right, and almost fascist.(remember invading supreme court to evict the Chief Justice? He, so as to use the street power of the Mullah had supporting them openly, though PPP was no great socialists either. The weak civil society - now rejuvenated/reborn by the lawyer's movement (some say it came in to existence) will I hope and wish, destroy the vestiges fascist power that the ruling parties have in the subcontinent, soon.

In my opinion as the PMs have become weak (unlike Indira Gandhi tenure, for example), the institutions like Supreme Court, Election Commission, became strong. With them the civil society and democracy, has moved forward. No one has the absolute stranglehold on power, any more.

One major hurdle remain - the power of money - which was very clear during the last election and during No-confidence vote in Indian parliament last year. This is suspected to continue, due to the Congress Government coming back to power. Gandhi family is being suspected of having huge money in Swiss banks. Total Indian's deposits are estimated to be $1.5 trillion, held by some 35000 or so, Indians. I wish the Indian intelligentsia goes after the exposure of this huge money and bring the money power to control. Though BJP operatives are no saint in this respect, the primary culprits are the congress operatives, simply because they have remained in power the longest time in last 62 years. Lastly, this is a party where a large section where the great grand sons of the freedom fighters are now rising to power, thus scruples are low and connections are deep. More money in Swiss bank helps. I wish G-20 brings out every thing in to open and the parties are cleansed of the opportunists, in one big sweep.

A cleaned Indian politics, will surely help the world but till such time it will be impossible. Yes, Pakistan should trace Musharaf’s money, asap. Else he will come back through the backdoor, buying his way back.

Best wishes,

Letter to PM & Congress High Command on Cabinet Ministers from Orissa - by Sandip K. Dasverma

Dear Prime Minister and Congress High command:
Congratulations for 3 fold increase in Congress MPs from Orissa(from 2 to 6). Of course this, if you come with the philosophy of describing the cup, as half full. I am afraid, the very fact that BJD won again, should come as a food for your thought.

Let me reiterate the facts. Congress lost 15 out of 21 seats in Orissa because of poor candidate selection. I don't know if you are aware of Orissa history. Your congress president, Kamakhya N. Singdeo's father was a very hated figure, in pre-independent India, among congress men. One of the major movements of Orissa was against the rule of his father. A victim of that movement, 12 year old "Baji Rout" is a folklore in Orissa. Making him Indian National Congress President, over the hated 3 time CM "Janaki B. Pattanayak" was not an improvement but as such. Additionally, there was a lurking fear among the people of Orissa that, Janaki Pattnaik will come back in after the election to be the CM of Orissa, through the back door. No wonder when Shri Naveen Pattanayak made the amends to his long association with BJP, he romped home sweeping the election. But that is all past. Let us have our eyes fixed on future.

We need alternative leadership in this long neglected state. To make this happen we think and request you to wisely select MPs in to the Cabinet who can lead the state back to congress fold. But more importantly – this leadership can lead the development of Orissa's Western and southern districts, among the most backward in India.
Current lone minister from Orissa in National cabinet was Mr. C. S. Sahu. He could do nothing because he was both junior and in an inconsequential minister of State. And he lost the election because he could hardly deliver any significant leadership and bring much resources to the state.
Thus we recommend that you to induct in to Union Cabinet 2 Ministers and a state minister, from among the six elected MPs, so you will groom a team of current and future leaders.
1. Cabinet Rank:
1. Bhakta Charan Das, a dalit and past minister of state, to Cabinet Rank
2. Minister of State:
1. Sanjoy Bhoi, an young and dynamic leader to be a Deputy minister, to be groomed for future, to build party from below. He may be elevated to Minster of State based on performance later.
2. Alternatively, select Mr. Pradeep Kumar Majhi from Nabrangpur(only MP from South Orissa.)
3. Srikanta Jena, an ex-cabinet minister, and the only Coastal MP from Orissa, to an important Cabinet Rank, so he can help build the party from below.
The other three MPs have their qualifications too. Mr. Hemanand Biswal is an ex-Chief Minister and Mr. Pradhan is an ex minister of Orissa state. But we feel they can be used in the organizational positions for now.
Best wishes,
Sandip K. Dasverma

List of Congress MPs from Orissa
Orissa 1 Bargarh Sanjay Bhoi Indian National Congress
Orissa 2 Sundargarh Hemanand Biswal Indian National Congress
Orissa 3 Sambalpur Amarnath Pradhan Indian National Congress
Orissa 4 Balasore Srikant Kumar Jena Indian National Congress
Orissa 5 Kalahandi Bhakta Charan Das Indian National Congress
Orissa 6 Nabarangpur Pradeep Kumar Majhi Indian National Congress