Saturday, September 22, 2007

My response to Tathya story on Nuclear Power Plant in Orissa

Tathya Story: On Nuclear power plant in Orissa..
Dear Braja babu:
Nuclear energy is not clean as you say or people think - it is seemingly clean. The issue of spent fuel and high grade radiation waste are not yet resolved. Human kind does not know how to dispose off the high grade radiation waste. In USA for last 60 years such waste are seating inside of the plants themselves. So also everywhere in the world.
  1. They are even here done in sparsely populated areas, where population is evacuated before establishing the plant for about 10 miles radius around the plant. I doubt with Indian population density 366 / sq km vs USA's 31/, if there are such places in India.
  2. Additionally, they are locating with the hope that accidents will not happen - this is not a good strategy because once it happens the radio active contamination remains for the half life of the radio active material, which are between 300 to 1000 years. It is like you and Markat Keshari communicating about issues, which he has left for you to resolve.
USA is eager to sell Nuclear plants to rest of the world, where as not a single new Nuclear Power Plant contract in USA has been signed since mid 1970s.

How do I know it? I have worked for more than 10 years in this industry and in about 5 Nuclear power plants.

I am afraid those who are feeding you information on Nuclear Power Plant, do not know what they are talking about. Such people are rampant in USA but most of them some how or other benefit from the Industry. In India/Orissa it is mostly ignorance.
Best wishes,