Saturday, June 16, 2007

Videos on NITR by outgoing students vis a vis other NITs

  1. Campus pictures and some pictures of students, 2007:
  2. Campus pictures and students of 2007:
  3. Shows a single room with a PC in Hostel 2:
  4. Confluence 2005 - Demonstration of Robotics and Aero modelling at NITR, They have come a long way:
  5. By NITR 2007 Civil batch:
  6. Institute video, beautiful institute pictures, old tree in front of Hostel 2 seems still there, leaves a good impression about the campus:
  7. A bit of a drama:
  8. Holi at NITR - they are still wild:
  9. NIT, Warangal:
  10. ROBOT Dance:
Dear Friends:
Recently, Sanjit Jesthi of 2007 class forwarded me a video to see and share with others. When I clicked the link it took me to YouTube and I found there were many other videos on NITR - two of them I had seen earlier courtesy my young friends of 2007 class: Minakshee Sandha(item 5 above) and Himanshu Shekhar Acharya (item 7). But there were others are too and good ones. I don't know how many others were made but the above were posted in YouTube. One on Confluence2007 was not accessible when I tried to see it.

The one I liked most was item 4, where they show Robotics and Aero-modelling at NITR. It is interesting that none - none show the labs or inside of the library. I also saw the videos made on other NITs - NIT, Trichy, NIT, Warangal and NIT, Suratkal which were ranked higher than NITR in 2005 Dataquest Ranking. I found that NIT, Trichy is doing such videos, since 1997. I liked their showing of the library, which looks excellent. One of them, also show their Gymnasium and big swimming pool. Warangal's Pragyan laser show is really good. I don't know if NITR also did so during the confluence 2007, video which I have not seen.

This will be good for NITR's publicity, because NITR may otherwise have to start an Admit weekend, to attract the best and the brightest, to it's ranking. Let me know if you agree and/or enjoy the videos. Your input may help the 2008 batches and onwards.