Monday, March 24, 2008

Why I am opposed to Balbir Punj's representing Orissa in Rajya Sabha - Sandip K. Dasverma

Why I am opposed to Balbir Punj's representing Orissa in Rajya Sabha, some friends asked? Their concern was that am I changing my broad liberal views and getting into the quagmire of regionalism, a la Raj Thakre and his MNS? Thus this note and appendix to my earlier blog on this issue.

In my view the main problem with this action by BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party) high command, is that it is violation of both the letter and the spirit of the law.
Like Prime Mininster, Mr. Man Mahon Singh does not live in Gouhati, Assam, Mr. Punj does not live in Orissa. He has falsely given an address in Orissa, which violates the letter of the law.

In addition, the spirit of the Representation of People's act is violated, when one who has never lived in Orissa or else where in the state, is allowed to represent it in Rajya Sabha. This violates it's very spirit of representing the people. How can one, who does not know his electorate represent them? Additionally, Orissa is backward because it has week representation at the national level, leading to neglect for last 60 years. How does a national party, correct such situation by taking away even such weak representation?

The reason is obvious if you sit down and think. Answer that comes to our mind is: We yet to be a country who believe in "Rule of Law"? No, actually far from it.

One glaring example film actress Mrs. Hema Malini mentions film star Dharmendra as her husband and father of her two daughters, in her filing to the election commission for Rajya Sabha election.
Mr. Dharmendra, however, has filed a nomination to the same election commission, for Lok Sabha, stating that he is married to some one else.

Hindu Code Bill, does not allow polygamy since 1955.

Hence either of them or both should not have been allowed to contest election. If the information came up after election, they should have been dismissed, after election on the ground of perjury, submitting false information.
Nothing as you would anticipate for gross lying(per jury) , has happened to them and they are nearing completion of their terms, soon. Most of the India, is either oblivious, including the National women's commission members who have time to raid local parks to dissuade love birds(Or is it only Orissa State Commission) but no time to raise or pursue such a visible and a gross violation of women's rights.
This Chalta Hai attitude has to go before we can move ahead as a nation.