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Nanavati Commission Report and the UPA Government: By Sandip K. Dasverma

Nanavati Commission Report and the UPA Government by Sandip K. Dasverma, Written on 8/10/2005

A massacre is a massacre and the perpetrators should be punished, irrespective of who they are. I believe the perpetrators are cowards and opportunists, who believe they can get away, with no punishment even for murder. This encourages others to follow suit. If 1984 criminals had have been punished swiftly, the1993 Bombay pogroms would not have happened, nor the 2002 genocide in Gujarat, because the criminals in 2002 would have known that there were noose and gallows for murder, at the end of the day. In all fairness, there must be exemplary punishment for both the politicians and the policemen (including those retired) to signify that no person gets away putting another's life in jeopardy, by his acts of omission or commission.

The politicians like Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler, Kamal Nath, Vasant Sathe, H. K. L. Bhagat and others should be punished both by prohibiting their participation in elections (their source of power) and prosecuting them for their culpability. After all there are nearly 2800 dead bodies even per the GOI report, though the unofficial count is more than 4000. Following the great traditions established by the British Raj, citizens even today can't get a correct figure from their own government. Be it as it may, if there are 2800 dead bodies, as per Government's own admission, and not even 28 going to gallows or even getting life sentences, there is something seriously wrong with the government. People will be aghast at this mockery of justice.

It is outrageous to advance the plea that H. K. L. Bhagat should not be bothered as he is old and sick. I think this exculpatory nonsense must stop. The international standards are now being set by the prosecution of 90- year old Pinochet in Chile. Why so much compassion for a low life who did not have the same consideration for others? I remember he was given the benefit of doubt by a previous commission, while a widow and her husband's dead body were given no credence! Such is the bias of the Indian judicial system in favor of the rich and powerful. What the commissions, nine of them over 20 years, have done is to spend public money, enormous amounts of it to chip away, from the list of the accused, one at a time. And always some pliable judges have been rewarded remunerative appointments, be it in the Congress or BJP regime.

This culture of crime and its condonement must change once and for all if India is to get anywhere. We can't remain in the list of most corrupt nations, i.e., the list of least transparent nations, and continue clamoring for acceptance as a world leader in our own right. Unless we cleanse the institutional rot, like the compromised judiciary, the powerful will continue buying their way out, as has happened in the Dabhol case.

This brings us to the very vital point of speed problematic in the judicial trials in India. If criminal cases linger far too long (by design the accused always engineer it), then everyone will grow old and on "compassionate grounds" the criminals would be let go, even if they don't die naturally. The government's performance should be judged by how efficiently it can deliver justice and how soon. There is time as value which every one in the world now understands except the Indian bureaucracy and the judiciary. We must have fast track courts which should conclude such cases within two years. Yes, well before the next election, at most, so we can judge the UPA government by its actions whether it is truly secular or just expediently so? Then people in India can decide whether they commend or condemn such acts.

There is need for a law that stipulates that those whose names are recurring in nine reports should be asked to prove that they are not guilty. And this should be done expeditiously so that the affected and wronged families feel that justice was done. That way people be sure that there is a fair chance of grievances of the small fry being addressed.

Having a Sikh P.M. does not mitigate the crimes or absolve the state of its failure to punish the criminals. If tomorrow the BJP in its turn appoints a Muslim as the CM of their next Government in Gujarat, for example, it will not be absolved of the crimes of Narendra Modi government, not even if they install a Muslim as the PM of India. There should be a parallel process, another fast track court, to try and convict all the police officials and administrative staff, including those either retired or preparing to retire soon.

Again, enough resources should be put on the table for the whole process to be finished in just two years or before. This is equally important, nay more important, because it will set the standards for the present and future police against colluding with the politicians in power. Punishment even after retirement, amended laws, and removal of procedural bottlenecks along the way, will firmly ensure that justice prevails, and the vestiges of colonial rule disappear. Sycophancy will have been made risky and punishment for crime inescapably established.

May I request Dr. Manmohan Singh, the head of the Congress-led UPA Government, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the head of the Congress party, their left allies, and the bureaucracy et al for this once to rise above cronyism and let the law take its course with exemplary swiftness characteristic of modern societies in the world that India aspires to become a leading light of?

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Proposed communication with Bharat

Dear Bharat:
An umbilical knot tie us, the alma mater, that do invoke the good feelings.
I am delighted to learn that you want to raise $200K. Yes that kind of money can make a difference but before you do that it is absolutely necessary that the organization is built up to be transparent and responsive and ready to handle such load, with dignity. This is has gone on for years. The year end auditors report is not even worth the paper it is written on, considering what happened under the direct eyes of Big Six(Aurthur Anderson etc.) in US Banks. I hope you are not passing through the NITRaa system.

We have at present a system in which even after 4 months there is no account of the money spent on the "Home coming" ceremony. They can't justify the budget and then make a higher budget and levy a higher burden (Rs. 1000) on the kids, in the name of a constitution. This inspite of my written objection to it.
Thanks to Saroj, though recent improvement has been significant in networking with alumni but both democracy and accounting are at infancy. They are not ready to handle the kind of money you are talking about.

I hope after going through what you have gone through (you have your critiques among your friends to spread the word around), you should keep away from such ventures, in my opinion. But you are an adult brother and you are at full liberty to do whatever you want to do and think can do with dignity and honor.

Regarding the funds neither I can't nor I intend to keep track of the details of who paid who or what you did. Fakir did not even give me the account who he got 35 K (of which only you and he donated 5 K each), after I asked him specifically as to who the donors were. Thus, I feel is that the fund accounting is not transparent. The two treasurers are for what ever reason not functioning and/or not allowed to handle money. And General Secretary has to do everything being trusted, but that means he is overwhelmed with work. This is niether a good situation nor a good process. In my vision if we are to handle large sums of money the data need to be available in web and we should be able to take snaps at any time, to help avoid manipulation by a wrong kind of guy who may step in when huge sums of money are in. Even in USA Universities this happens once in a while.

Here I think we have been wanting and the impression of alumni going back to your years as President, is an unclean one event (Home coming) organization, with no clear accountability. I know you will have many explanations to give and were even a reluctant operator. But the impression is around - that of an unresponsive, non-transparent organization.
To give one example: HiTech, the software contractor is continuing year after year on the false pretext that they own the computer codes and being paid at thrice the market rate. I don't know who their God father is, probably you do.

But as long as the process is not clean and answers are not coming, I will suggest that you keep away from big dreams. The same is applicable for the 2011. But for that there is time if we start, NOW.
Best wishes,

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 4:11 AM, Bharat Bhusan Mohanty <> wrote:
July 31, 2009

My dear Sandip Bhai,

It was such a pleasure to talk to you and i am indeed thankful for that. I am immensely grateful to you for your nice words and gesture.

On return i start from where i left i.e. in respect of the alumni meet of our batch 1969 in December this year to celebrate four decades of passing out of RECR. Led by Sukhendu in a particular endeavour, our batch plans to do a project for the institute which will help the students and be a value-addition. Can you please suggest a project costing say around US $ 200K ± 10%. We shall try to raise the amount. We shall also take out the last directory.(We published one in 2005 & updated in 2007). Majority have settled. We are ageing, average age 63. Some are still on job. Therefore we wanted to have address of the friends settled in US. We shall not disturb them, since they do not want to be. Even if it is not a complete address, if the location and street be collected, it will be a great help.My request towards this is still standing

My son is bit crazy. Not satisfied with any job, he kept on job-hopping, did not apply for green card, did not agree to marry and now wants to come back. He has specialization in health care, he says ‘next generation health care technology’- where is the field in India. I can only wish him all the best. Daughter has to manage her research and baby. Son-in-law Prakash Samal (He graduated from IIT, Madras and IIM, Kolkata) has to work hard to support his wife in raising the child. We cannot do anything but cannot help remaining concerned. Life is like that.

Bhai, there is one misunderstanding, i think, concerning me and Fakir, due of course to me. I had handed over Rs. 10K cash to him, who in turn, was to handover to Saroj, Rs. 5 K for Help Fund to help Ashok and Rs. 5K for paying as advance for reservation of guest house for our December meet. Saroj has already sent me a receipt for Rs. 5K. Recently Fakira sent a mail saying Rs. 5K is for Ashok Kamila, that means entire Rs. 10K will go on ‘help fund’ without leaving anything for guest house booking. I will get the matter silently corrected. i.e. my contribution this year is Rs. 5K. Every year I will try to contribute similar amount by saving from day to day expenses. This is for your information please.

With love and best wishes to your daughter, regards to Bhauja and you



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