Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My letter to CMO on January 19 on - NISER

Dear Chief minister:
Happy New Year.
We are delighted to read in newspapers a report of Dr. Kakodkar's visit to meet you in regards to the NISER. The reports mention that now the NISER budget has increased to 750 crores and that NISER will start classes in July 2007. They also mention that NISER may expand into a science city. We really appreciate the state governments supporting role to all this.

It is an urgent concern to us that the land for NISER has not been finalized. We would request that the Orissa government to finalize the land for NISER as soon as possible, preferably in the next 30 days. We really want you to give this task top priority, and grant NISER's choice of land, first preference.

We hear that same land has been shown to Sri Sri Ravishankar.

However granting NISER their first preference is very important because
NISER, being centrally funded will be there for ever ( i.e., as longs an entity called India exists) and its reputation will keep growing.

In contrast the existence and reputation of a private entity may not transcend beyond the life of the person heading that entity; especially in the
Indian context where there has not been many private higher educational institutions. Therefore we urge that NISER be given priority and preference, over any private entity that may have eyed the same land.

There is another very important reason to keep NISER and DAE happy by granting them their first choice of land location immediately.

As you know Orissa has lost out in the recent allocations of the new IITs which were allocated to Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan.
We are also shocked that the branch campus plan of IIT Kharagpur in Bhubaneswar has been shelved.

Under those circumstances, it would be a great and wise move on Orissa's part to immediately grant the land for NISER, and push it ahead, to fruition.

Thus the expeditious land allocation has become urgent. We need to seal the deal and move ahead, asap.

Dear Chief Minister: We earnestly request that you immediately grant NISER and DAE its first choice of land.
We can then move on to the other issues and projects.

Sincerely and with best regards

Sandip K. Dasverma
WA -99354